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Who we are

Wholesale Raisins Suppliers in India
From farm to directly to your home.

  • All our products are naturally dried by following standard practices. These products can be consumed by all family members, from child to senior citizen, great for everyone’s health. We are committed to giving a real taste of Nashik raisin.
  • We are the next generation of the farmers who believe that farming is not the revenue source but it is a place of devotion.
  • When any farm product comes into the market with a traditional supply chain, the farmer never gets the benefit of their hard work and the other side consumers receive a high priced product. Commercial benefits go to traders, merchants, and agents in the traditional supply chain.
  • Here we are receiving direct feedback to the producer, which makes the producer more responsible towards what he is producing, positive feedback, gives him the energy to work for the best and appreciation for his hard efforts. Hope and happiness which is much more than real money.
  • Our farm is avidly engaged in wholesale raisins suppliers in India an exclusive range of Nashik Raisins at reasonable prices. That’s why we will always sell our dried fruit at the best possible price. That’s our guarantee.

The wholesale price of kishmish in nashik one of the religious cities of India, comes at a cheaper price.

Top Kismis Wholesale Suppliers 

  • We Nr Farm Product firm is based in Nashik city choose the finest quality grapes to make finest world-class quality raisin. Ours is a quality conscious firm, thus, aim to deliver our raisins.
  • We have state of an art facility situated in the heart of Quality Raisins producing area i.e. Nashik, Maharashtra known as the largest grapes producing area of India.
  • We are kismis wholesale suppliers, exporters of raisins and when it comes to export we haven’t limited ourselves to just one variety of products. To know Wholesale price of kishmish in nashik or bulk order cost then Contact us Today!!

Nr Farm Product

We believe that only way to real growth is by giving quality products to our customers.

This is a farmer’s organization to sell their own farm product, All our products are naturally dried by following standard practices.


We are from Nashik, It is the No. 1 export quality grapes producer district in India.


We found that the best way to give low prices product to consumers is to sell directly from the farm with our farming brand.

Warkheda, Tal: Dindori,
Dist: Nashik, Maharashtra, India. 422205

  • Negative feedback is welcomed by us, which helps the farmer to improve for the best. Direct feedback from consumer helps a lot
  • When you purchase from us the prosperity of urban areas will come to villages as well.
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