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All of our products undergo a natural drying process, adhering to industry-standard practices. These offerings are suitable for consumption by individuals of all ages, from children to senior citizens, making them an excellent choice for the overall well-being of your entire family. We are dedicated to providing an authentic taste of Nashik raisins.

We represent the new generation of farmers who view farming not merely as a means of generating revenue, but rather as a place of profound devotion.

When agricultural products are introduced to the market through traditional supply chains, farmers often do not reap the rewards of their labor, while consumers are burdened with higher prices. The commercial gains tend to favor traders, merchants, and intermediaries within the conventional distribution network.

Here, we establish a direct feedback loop between the producer and the end consumer. This direct line of communication fosters a heightened sense of responsibility in the producer, as positive feedback empowers them to strive for excellence and appreciate the fruits of their labor beyond mere monetary compensation. It instills in them a sense of hope and happiness that transcends financial gain.









Nr Farm Product

We believe that only way to real growth is by giving quality products to our customers.


This is a farmer’s organization to sell their own farm product, All our products are naturally dried by following standard practices.


We are from Nashik, It is the No. 1 export quality grapes producer district in India.


We found that the best way to give low prices product to consumers is to sell directly from the farm with our farming brand.

Quality assurance

  • We believe that only way to real growth is by giving quality products to our customers.
  • We believe in long-term relationships with our customers.
  • BAll the raisin are handpicked and well sorted.
  • All the material is well naturally sun-dried and kept in cold store.

We provide wholesale raisins suppliers in India, a good collection of different types of raisins like black, brown & golden.

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Top Kismis Wholesale Suppliers

  • We Nr Farm Product firm is based in Nashik city choose the finest quality grapes to make finest world-class quality raisin. Ours is a quality conscious firm, thus, aim to deliver our raisins.
  • We have state of an art facility situated in the heart of Quality Raisins producing area i.e. Nashik, Maharashtra known as the largest grapes producing area of India.
  • We are kismis wholesale suppliers, exporters of raisins and when it comes to export we haven’t limited ourselves to just one variety of products. To know Wholesale price of kishmish in nashik or bulk order cost then Contact us Today!!

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